Jennie & Mitch

I haven't added the QR Code, but here are two versions of each side - the front has the photos arranged differently and the back has color variations in the forest image - one is a yellower green and the other is a bluer green.




Ignore the color going up the side - I'll take that out -
just wanted you to see it with a warm green vs. the cool green since
your photos have forests in the warm green.

Also, see if the QR Code is readable at this size.

re are some variations on the card you chose.  Let me know how you want your names and which pictures you want -- I can rearrange if you want to pick and choose.




Vertical outside 1 with inside of your choice

Inside modern 1 (outside to be customized)



This could be a flat card with front and back or could be the inside fold
with this next as the outside.

Please excuse the typos but this is a sample for font options
to be used on the inside of a fold or back of flat

This is a sample of font color variation (again forgive typos)

This is a simple fold or flat design - this could be the inside with an outside of your choice

A simple outside fold - notice on many of these the fold line is on the photo
 so the photo wraps to the back of the card.

Again, a simple outside fold with the inside of your choice

A different outside fold that could have a large photo inside with the wording

You deserve custom designs for the times of your life -         birth,         baptism,         wedding,         birthdays,         graduati...